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Interior & Acrhitecture

Commercial Interior and Architectural Photography

Interior and Architecture Photography can be a very challenging aspect of photography, but its a very important. In today’s day and age, visual images are very important for clients. They need to see exactly what they get when they decide on visiting a place. If you want to sell a business or home, you need to show your potential buyer what he will be getting and we need to show that in the best possible way.

Recent Work

Its my Business to make your Business look the best it possibly can.

Planning, Set up and Execution 


We will sit beforehand and plan exactly what is needed from the shoot, what elements you would like to show off from the property and then we will decide on when we will photograph it. Be it sunrise or sunset shoot, I will have a look at the location of the building via various apps to determine whether it will be better suited to sunrise or sunset. Then we have to plan a date and then we need to keep a watch on the weather for that date. You do not want stormy moody clouds if you have a holiday home, for instance, you would want a clear or light cloudy sky with great colour that would want your clients to book it right away.

Set Up

The day before the shoot, the client needs to make sure that all preparations have been done. The area has been cleaned and all unnecessary clutter has been put away. Also, make sure that all light fittings have working lightbulbs in. In rooms where there is more than one light fitting, please try and get all the light fitting to have the same colour temperature bulbs in. Make sure that all beds are made and the pillows are of equal size.


On the date or dates I would generally start before sunrise. It also depends on what times we have decided on in the planning section. I would try to shoot each location/room from as many angles as possible to make sure that we absolutely have the best angles for the end result.

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