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Commercial Agriculture Photography



Photographer Dewald Kirsten and agricultural journalist Louise Brodie joined forces at the end of 2018 to create Lucentlands, a content creation company that specializes in promotional video production, photography, website establishment, and written content for the agriculture sector of South Africa. We are based in Worcester.

Dewald is a specialist landscape photographer and is able to capture your wine estate in the best possible light for your marketing strategy. In addition to landscapes, Dewald has a professional photographic studio for product photography, particularly wine bottle
pack shots and styled pack shots. Louise is a journalist, content writer and layout artist and is responsible for our content creation and copywriting. By pooling our creative strengths, we are able to assist agribusinesses to create the best possible marketing content for their brand.

Some of Lucentlands’s Productions

True to Tradition

Show off your Agricultural process

Show off you Produce

Show off your Livestock

Show your Dedication

Show your Harvest

Show your People

Show who You, as a farmer, are

Show your Yield

Farming is no longer just a way of life, its a Business

In the modern age of farming, it can no longer be seen as just a way of life, a way to put food on the table for your family. Today, its a massive business that plays a major part in the GDP of South Africa.

Today farmers have to look at their farms as thriving businesses. There is marketing that has to be done and with it being an open market these days, the modern day farmer needs the very best images and videos to market his produce, be it fruit or livestock, to the world.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in the farming and agricultural sector and with my creativity, I will play a vital roll in your marketing stratagy. I will make sure that you get the very best images and video footage for that purpose.

Where Ideas Become Reality

Work & Services


  • Landscape, Architectural and Estate Photography
  • Conceptual Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography


  • Conceptual Videography
  • Advertising Videography
  • Video Editing

Your Business is my Business

For me there is no bigger honour to see how my work is helping another business to grow and sucseed.

Concept & Ideation

I will sit with you and work through to find out exactly what your idea is, who your target audience is and what you like. From there we will for a creative concept that will be able to apeal to your target audience.


Once the concept has been established, planning will happen as to when the shoot will happen. I will plan the best time to conduct this shoot based on weather and sunrise/sunset times.

Selection & Delivery

In most cases I will go ahead and select and edit the best images and footsage from the shoot, but clients are welcome to make their own selection. Once editing is done it will be delivered via digital download. 

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Feel free to let me know your request, concept or Idea

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